Update Time!

Every year is so different, but no one year has been as starkly different from the rest as this year.  Here are some contrasts:

-Because we are leading the alumni team with Royal Servants this year, we are currently locked and loaded when it comes to team members where as in years past at this time of year we were still having students add and drop at a high clip.  Here is the make up of our team (23 students, 3 leaders, our family, and 2 nannies).

-Yes you read that right, we are so excited to have 2 nannies on board this summer, and they are amazing nannies to boot-Emily Fowler and Claire Talley!  This should allow Stephenie to up her involvement with the team and should be great for our girls to spend quality time with 2 amazing young women.

-Every other year we have scrambled to find someone to sub-let our house while we are gone.  This year-no way!  We already have one and the process to find him (Joel Lane) could not have been easier.  God really orchestrated this, and it is a perfect fit for us and Joel!

I am now done with my speaking for this recruiting year and have now turned my full attention to prep for this summer.  I traveled more and spoke at more churches/youth groups this year than ever before — it was a lot of fun, but made for a busy year!

-In case you haven’t heard yet, we found out a few months ago that we are pregnant again — a huge shock to us all, but we are getting excited about the idea and trust God with the details of how it will all work.  Due date is Sept 11.

Here is a link that to a presummer letter I wrote for Royal Servants participants this summer if you are interested in reading:  http://reignministries.org/mythical-waterfalls-machetes-and-missions/


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