East Coast Trip days 7-9

Okay, so I am writing this from home right now, and boy is it good to be back in sunny Nor-Cal. The last three days of my trip on the East Coast were spent with fellow team leaders Job and Bethany Hammond and we stayed in Baltimore, Md while traveling to Philadelphia and NJ. Here were the highlights:

1)Philadelphia is a really cool old town. I loved the architecture and the feel. I spoke at a Christian school in the older part of the city and had a blast. Afterwards, we split up into three different classrooms and fielded questions about Royal Servants. I took the 6th grade class and it was nuts. The best question, “what do toilets look like overseas?” Afterwards, the school went out and got us legit Philly cheesesteak sammies. They were really, really good.

2)Visited Independence Hall in Philly and loved it.(pics below) The room in which they signed the Declaration of Independence was so small but so awesome in signifigance.

3)Had my first crab cake in Baltimore. It was good, but not on the upper tier of the pizza and sammies I have had on this trip.

4)My last speaking gig was on Wednesday night in Magnolia, NJ outside of Philly. Had a great time and even got to play a little indoor floor hockey with the youth group (scored 2 goals!)

Now I am back home and loving being with me girls!!!!

simple, yet elegant

that chair in the back once held the posterior of GW!

Ben Franklin's grave

Me with the Hammonds and Megan Hartmon


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