East Coast Trip days 3-6

Okay, so for the last 4 days Hank and I have been all over the East Coast.

But I want to focus on the last three days of our trip, to New Jersey (Hank’s homeland). Now I have heard a lot about Jersey over the years and what I have heard has cemented an idea in my brain of what that state is like. And I must say that after spending three days there everything that I have heard (people are crazy, food is great and greasy, fast pace) is absolutely true and more. But here is what I did not expect–the people are incredibly friendly. In fact, dare I say that of all the places I have been in the world, New Jersey just might be the friendliest!?!?!

Here are some highlights:
-On the way into town, Hank took me to a restaurant called Harolds that has been featured on Man vs. Food. We ordered the largest pastrami on the menu and to say that it was large is to say that the Pacific ocean is a pond. There is a picture of it below and what you see, believe it or not, is only half.
-We visited Dunkin donuts before speaking at a church our first night in town. Also there were two huge guys with thick Jersey accents. They were so loud so we heard every word of their conversation. The first thing I heard them speak about was the logistics of knocking someone out with two punches to the jaw. It was such a stereotypical Jersey thing to encounter, but hysterical! We ended up getting into a great conversation with them and they were the friendliest guys. One was Jewish and one was Native American and they were, as they say, uge!!!!
-Hank drove me around his hometown of Point Pleasant on the Jersey Shore and we toured the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Being from California and so far away from the damage caused, I guess I just didn’t realize how bad it was. There are entire neighborhoods destroyed, houses leveled, debris everywhere. The entire boardwalk is gone and it will take years for this area to fully recover. Reminded me a lot of what I saw in New Orleans.
-Hank and I spoke his cousin’s church, Jersey Shore Calvary Chapel on Sunday and it was great. Hank gave the message and it was fantastic. He also got a the great surprise of running into his cousin Mike, who is a missionary from Albania who he hadn’t seen in 15 years!

Overall, I have been very encouraged by the amount of interest that young people have shown in Royal Servants everywhere we have spoken on this trip. I am definitively road weary at the moment and missing my family big time. Jovie is sick back home with a fever so my my mind is not here at the moment. Please pray for her and Steph. I will be returning home Thursday night.

Next stop: Philadelphia!






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