East Coast Trip days 1 & 2

So I arrived into Baltimore on Tuesday evening and was hosted by an awesome family called the Hartmen’s who have had a daughter travel with Royal Servants. Wednesday morning, we got up early and got on the road to Annapolis. I had the opportunity of speaking at Annapolis Area Christian School to a few hundred high school students. Their chapel was amazingly nice and it had a balcony! I can safely say I have never spoken anywhere with a balcony. Despite the huge crowd, I felt really relaxed and really enjoyed challenging the students to engage risk in their relationship with Christ. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but this school was extremely nice and exactly what I pictured an East Coast private christian school to look like.

We then hit the road and traveled 4 1/2 hours into Northern Pennsylvania to speak at a youth group in New Milford. Hank Dahl, my partner in crime this week, spoke and rocked it and we had several students seemingly interested in joining one of our teams this summer. Today, we had the morning open and decided to visit Gettysburg. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love anything history so this was like crack to me. But it was also quite sobering to stand in a spot where such fierce fighting took place and where so many thousands were either injured or killed. Overall, Gettysburg exceeded my high expectations and I would love to one day come back here and spend an extended time looking and learning. Tonight (Thurs) we visited a youth group in Mt. Joy Pa where I spoke. I challenged them through the ideas presented in the movie “The Hobbit.” We are crashing in York, Pa as we speak and will be visiting a school early in the morning for chapel.

For the record, I haven’t been cold yet! So far, so good.

Hank when he drives

PA while driving

Hank speaking

Painting of Picket's charge

Hanging w/Lincoln

cannon at Gettysburg


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