Carr Update

Merry Holidays! I though it was high time for an update as we are closing in on the end of this year and the beginning of next.

Stephenie’s Grandfather Bill Bell passed away on December 8th. It was not unexpected but he will be sorely missed. His funeral was on December 14th and it was an overwhelming outpouring of respect and love for Bill. It has been a hard time for everyone in Stephenie’s family, but because Bill was a such a special man and follower of Christ, their was also a sense of joy and happiness that kept making it’s way to the surface. Here is a video that was put together for his funeral that gives a glimpse into his life. I will always remember Bill for how funny and lovingly stubborn he was. Grandpa Bell Video

Nehemiah Team–Preparations for the Nehemiah team (which Steph and I are leading) are underway. Because students on the Nehemiah team raise more money and have a significantly longer trip, the deadline for them to sign up is in January. Currently, we have 18 signed up, 16 of who are girls. We need more guys!!!! The next two months we will be busy setting up logistics with our contacts in Israel and Slovakia and contacting students who are in the process of signing up.

Speaking 2013–My calendar is filling up with opportunities to speak to students in 2013. A big part of which will be a speaking blitz to the East coast in February with three other team leaders from Royal Servants. We will be traveling from Maine to Pennsylvania over a two week period speaking to students at churches and schools. We will be challenging them in what it means to live missionally, as well as presenting the opportunities we have for them on a 2013 Royal Servants team. Speaking of which, here is a link to our trips: In January & March, I will be traveling all over Nor-Cal visiting churches and schools.

The Family–The girls had a blast this Christmas and now are looking forward to Jovie’s 5th Birthday. Jovie is loving school and Railey loves her days with her grandparents (Tues at the Carrs and Wed at the Kents) and her Thursdays with her best friends, our neighbors, the Loorz. They also had a tremendous Christmas. One of the highlights for them was Christmas eve eve when we drank hot chocalate in front of the fire and sang, afterwards which the girls got to sleep in front of the fire. Jovie was looking forward to this weeks ahead of time.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

God Bless,

The Carrs





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