Staff Conference + Big News

Staff Conference: Six weeks ago the family and I headed back to Minnesota for staff conference with Reign Ministries. Normally, this just involves those on full time staff with Royal Servants, but every third year it involves all staff members and families from all three branches of Reign (Kairos, Reign U.K., and Royal Servants). We met for 5 days at a beautiful retreat center in central Minnesota called Camp Lebanon. Not only was it a great time to connect with everyone from the ministry that we only get to see every few years, it was a great time for us as a family to play after a hectic summer and transition home. The five days included numerous times of meeting, worship, brainstorming, and encouraging one another in our ministries. It also included time to nap, fish, play football, take boat rides on the lake, and generally spend time with one another. It was a good time for us to recharge our batteries. Plus the Reign family is tremendous. Such quality people.

Here are some pictures:

Big News
The most suprising bit of news that we heard at staff conference is that Louie (founder of Reign Ministries) will no longer be leading the Nehemiah Team. The Nehemiah team is an alumni (invite only) team that is focused on:

A. Training in world evangelism
B. Spiritual formation and developing a deeper walk with Christ
C. Leadership development

The Nehemiah team is over two weeks longer than the other Royal Servants teams and it travels to Israel as it’s main destination. This is the team that Stephenie travelled on for so many years as a leader under Louie. It is also the team that Stephenie and I travelled on my first two years with the ministry (2006, 2007). The reason I am detailing all of this is that in light of Louie not leading the Nehemiah team, Stephenie and I have been asked to lead it! We could not be more excited about this opportunity, although we are also humbled by the responsibility it entails. This is like a homecoming of sorts for us and we are so amped to travel back to Israel! (and this time with the girls!) We will have much more on this in the near future. But now is the time for us to get excited and dream about the possibilities this summer.


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